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I'm gonna take on a few commissions, chibis, busts and waist ups, done in Paint Tool Sai. =D

Samples ( My coloring is a mix between hard and soft cg.)

Chibi (transparent PNG file can be with or without color shadows option of hard or soft shadow)- $15 USD (line art is $10 USD)

for Nyaamaru Day 58 by AmaiNeiko Throttlekitty by AmaiNeikoYou are a kitty! by AmaiNeikoDay 48 spirit challenge part1 by AmaiNeikoDay 44 frequest sweet niar by AmaiNeikoDay 61 spirit challenge line art by AmaiNeiko

Bust (transparent PNG file, half chest/shoulders up)- $20 USD (line art is $15 USD)
Archaic Lullabies OC Peppy by AmaiNeikoDay 92 request chiidoll by AmaiNeikoNamida Yuki by AmaiNeikoCerberusJack by AmaiNeikoDay 99 mythological irony by AmaiNeikoJonjon21428 Ver1 by AmaiNeiko

Waist Up (belly button/pants line up)- $25 USD (line art is $20 USD)
Day 34 Deep in thought Razumis Cecium by AmaiNeikoUnknown Ghost Cid and Koryu by AmaiNeikoAthella V2 by AmaiNeikoLunar Mirage by AmaiNeiko

Will Draw
-Original Characters (with at least 3 picture references)
-Simple Characters
-Online forum or video game avatars (For gaia online avi's please include an item list of your avi if you can, it's a huge help)
-Some fanart (just ask)
-Characters with animal features like ears and tails (catgirls, bunny girls, dragon girls etc.)

Might Draw
-Anthros (I have not practiced much but if you want it just send references and ask if it's doable)
-Armor (please ask if it's doable)

Will NOT Draw
-Muscle Men aka "bara" (not completely comfortable)
-OC's with written references only (if you have at least one picture ref+description send and we'll talk)
-Clutter and Complicated Characters (If you're unsure just ask and we'll see. If it's do able it may cost extra.)
-Mechs (ex. gundam, robotech,
-Groups (more than two is a group)

What May Cost Extra ($0-3 depending on difficulty)
-Multi-colored/Rainbow hair
-Companions (pets, familiars, dragons etc.)
-Anything else that may come up that is not listed here.

Note me this form with "Commission Please!" in the title.

DeviantUser/paypal email: (your user name and paypal email)
References: (links to picture references)
About the character: (Give me a little information about their personality, quirks etc. For couples this is especially important. I do not want to accidentally draw your characters in a love dovey situation if their relationship is platonic.)
Notes: (Anything you want to say, like don't forget the braids, scar, etc. or if you have a reference pose in mind please share! Again this is especially important for couples. If you would like it watermarked make sure to state that here. For chibis if you want a shadow or no shadow, hard sillouette (like 1,3,4) or soft circle (like 2, 5.)

1. -Reserved- :star::star::star: complete!

Progress Chart


-Prices are listed with samples and they are the price for each character. If you want a couple please double the price. Complicated/Elaborate characters may cost extra.
-Please limit to ordering no more than 2 characters at a time. (If I finish your order and a slot is open you may order again.)
-I am only accepting Paypal in USD.
-Please use your own paypal account, no one else's. (Even if you have their permission I cannot accept payment from an account that is not your own.)
-I will note you my paypal email when i accept your request. I will not start on your request till payment is sent.
-Make sure to send it as "goods and services" (Not gift!) and select "no shipping required" or "no address needed" (If you forget I will have to refund and ask you do it again)
-Please include your deviant art name in the "message" or "special instructions" section when sending payment.
-Any other currency that is not USD please convert. If there is a charge to convert please include extra to cover the charge.
-My art is for "non profit" personal use, meaning you can not make money off of my art. You may use it on your forum profile/posts/signatures as long as it's credited (no removing my signature), put it on a t-shirt, on a keychain etc. only for your own personal use and no one else's.
-I will upload the full resolution to DA (you will be tagged) and/or Tumblr unless you instruct me not to do so in the notes of your order form. If you do not want me to I will put it on my and only load a watermarked version after you receive the original. (make sure to save it asap and tell me you have done so please!)
-If you have commissioned me on Gaia Online these RLC take priority.
- I will send a sketch via for your approval. If you want something changed that is the time to let me know. If there are any changes after the sketch has been approved it will cost $5 to $10 USD depending on the difficulty of the change.
-Refunds: If for any reason I cannot work on your commission I will contact you and will refund your payment. If I have not started your request and you ask for a refund then I will refund your payment. If I have already started on your commission I will not send a refund.

I have the right to refuse a request if I deem it out of my abilities. Please allow a few days to 2 weeks for art to be completed. (If you are not first on the list it may be longer.) Please have patience, I am not a machine but will do my best.


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
There's really not to much to tell about me. ^^; I do art in my spare time. I like anything that's anime/manga related. Drawing, reading, and playing video games. I love cosplay though it's something i'm barely getting into sorta. I adore cute cows! I have been with my b/f for over 10 years now, he is my moo. <3 My zodiac sign is Aries, my chinese zodiac is the tiger. >;3

I try to be nice to everyone I meet and not judge right away. I like the saying "treat others how you want to be treated." So if you're nice kind and understanding, I'll treat you with the same respect. -^w^-

Thankyou very much for getting to know me! :w00t:

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Melou1987 Featured By Owner May 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks For The Llama Emote 
criissa Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for the watch amai! <33 i'll watch back ^^
omg didn't know you were a hinata fan! i loove that girl and all her ships! hahaha. though my most favorite is deidara X hinata :love: i see you're a fan of gaahina~
AmaiNeiko Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah you're welcome and thank you! >w< Yis I love Hina! She can pretty much be paired with anybody, that flexibility. lol Yup I love gaahina! I've actually read a fic where she is married to Gaara and it has a sequal where she wound up missing with amnesia and nobody knows where she is. Turns out she is living with Deidara. He doesn't want to tell her the past because he falls hard for her and eventually gaara finds out and stuff happens, wow it's been years since I read that fic. :XD:
criissa Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
omygosh hahaha that seems like a nice story ;w; i actually used to write deihina fanfics... they're still up there but OMG it's so embarrassing i was such a noob in writing but my love for deihina was so intense that time that i didn't care i just wrote deihina fics like there's no tomorrow LOL.

gaahina i should try reading some of that soon. i'm super into sasuhina right now omg hahaha *blush*
AmaiNeiko Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hehe at least you have fics up and thats amazing! I tried to write but could never get very far. Usually it was also during the times business was slow at work but I had to be super sneaky. My dept manager and asst. store manager didn't mind but the store manager was a butthole. lol

Oh goodness SasuHina was my first because visually they're incredibly appealing. It was because of this art by Lems and the story by bullwinkle's lady (its linked in the desription) that I flipped towards GaaHina.… (ot3 being gaahinasasu because gaara and sasuke's already ingrained rivalry makes for great fanfics~~ :la: ) If you want to read gaahina I suggest those below, they are a must.
Grains of Sand
Marriage in the Sand 
The Gift of Marriage
there's a few more here…
Probably listed above but these two authors have both sasuhina and gaahina fics and are two of the best fic writers I've read from.……

If you wanted to read the gaahina/deihina I found that one. First story is all gaahina and then the sequel starts with deihina and ends in gaahina.……

XD I apologize if this is too much to take in, I get really excited talking about my favorites~
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AzureRat Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey hey~!
ZeroConfidence Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
:iconpartycannonplz: Happy Birthday! Ha ha! =D :iconcakeplz:
AmaiNeiko Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much!! :glomp:
Kenjisama Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday lady~~
AmaiNeiko Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww thank you so much! :hug:
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